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Basic Rules

  • Only english or multilanguage adult oriented tube sites are accepted (tube aggregators are not tube sites).
  • Only domains are accepted. Sites on subdomains, free hosting tubes or white label are no accepted.
  • Only high quality sites will be accepted. Overloading with ads, many pop-ups, redirections, activex etc. may be a reason of rejection.
  • Description (min. 100 characters) should clearly indicate character of your site and its content. Please use complete sentences or your site will be rejected.
  • Please choose the best matching category.
  • Reciprocal link is mandatory for sites with Alexa Global Rank > 1.000.000..
    Place a reciprocal link on your site just after submitting or it will be rejected.
  • more details obout rules

    General Information

    Please attach screenshot of the main page (500x500px, .jpg) REQUIRED!

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